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Be just, and fear not;
Corruption wins not more than honesty.
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Feb. 13th, 2015 10:15 pm
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"This is Ky Kiske."
Ky Kiske
Guilty Gear @ Carvaka
code by [community profile] cawaii
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Backtagging: Yes.
Threadhopping: Sure.
Fourthwalling: With a limit. Please ask, first. He has a couple things that would be difficult to manage if fourthwalled.
Offensive subjects: None I can think about. Don't be afraid to ask if you're unsure.

Hugging: Go ahead! If it's unexpected, he'll probably be a bit embarrassed.
Kissing: Sure. If expected, he'll respond in kind. If unexpected, he'll likely stammer a bit.
Flirting: Absolutely. Again, there will probably be embarrassment with a bit of avoiding any compliments.
Fighting: Yes! He's a fighting game character, and he's more than prepared to get into a fight.
Injuring: Yes, with limits. Cuts & bruises are fine. For anything more (like broken bones or stabbings), please contact me.
Killing: By default, no. But if a plot seems to be running in that direction, please contact me so we can work out the details.
Telepathy/Mind Reading/Etc.: Yes, although they probably won't get much other than what they see. He's kind of someone you can take sincerely.

Warnings: None in particular.

Smut preferences behind the cut. )

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Feb. 13th, 2015 09:55 pm
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Sol Badguy Guilty Gear
A bounty hunter hailing from Ky's world. They have quite a history with each other, most of which consists of a one-sided rivalry that has since been (somewhat) dissolved. However, this is a Sol that Ky knew nearly six years before. This Sol has never met Sin or any of the Valentines. It's horrifically complicated, but Ky still trusts him for the most part. He would consider Sol a friend.
Saoirse Original Character
A visually impaired non-human. Saoirse is a Diana's Heart with a strange accent that Ky can only understand about half the time. They've just recently met, but there's something about Saoirse's personality that is very welcoming to Ky. It's interesting to speak with Saoirse, and Ky finds himself willing to endure the occasional teasing (and touching) for some conversation.
Monty Navarro A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder
Lord Montague D'Ysquith Navarro. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam congue arcu sem, at gravida est feugiat vel. Nullam quis nulla ut libero congue euismod. Mauris sodales sapien sit amet volutpat molestie. Suspendisse at diam non lectus tincidunt vestibulum ut in mi. Sed eu molestie arcu, ac fringilla turpis.
Demyx Kingdom Hearts
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Sam Grigory Original Character
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Johnny Rayflo Vassalord
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam congue arcu sem, at gravida est feugiat vel. Nullam quis nulla ut libero congue euismod. Mauris sodales sapien sit amet volutpat molestie. Suspendisse at diam non lectus tincidunt vestibulum ut in mi. Sed eu molestie arcu, ac fringilla turpis. Nullam ac arcu bibendum, tincidunt risus sit amet, porttitor purus. Suspendisse potenti.
DIO JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
If DIO were to disappear tomorrow, Ky wouldn't feel a thing. This arrogant man possesses superhuman abilities and uses them for his own selfish gain. Ky has fallen victim to him before; he was attacked and implanted with a strange bud, and his behavior and thoughts were under DIO's influence for about a week. As a result, Ky resents and hates him and will gladly warn others of the dangerous abilities the man possesses.
original codes by cawaii and whambam.

Original Character
Looks like a young woman with fox-like features. As far as Ky knows, she enjoys teasing, collecting pillows, music, and can be potentially harmful to birds or bird-like creatures.
Samurai Flamenco
Maya Mari
An ex-performer with some combat skills. She strikes Ky as more of a civilian, however.
Kuroko no Basuke
Kise Ryouta
This young man really, really, really doesn't like bookworms.
Kingdom Hearts
He's like Demyx, according to Demyx. Zexion seems to be a young man who is willing to research even the most invasive topics for the sake of knowledge.
Star Trek
Jim Kirk
Helped Ky escape one of the 'unreality bubbles'. Seems like a positive and friendly young man.
Sonic (Comics)/CRAU
Scolded Ky for acting foolishly. Someday, Ky will have to make up for accidentally throwing a bunch of flowers on him.
Cecil Palmer
He seems to be a calm man.
code by cawaii.
A bit of background on the Guilty Gear world, since I'm having a hard time finding a good resource that brings it all together.

Most of this information is from Xrd's in-game library and previous games. No plot spoilers for Xrd.

Will reorganize everything later. )
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march 4-7

Ky finds himself in a strange land and is aided by Ovelia Atkascha.
Meeting and greeting: Kuno Kodachi, Noa Voilier, Henry, and Tess Donaldson.
Running into Sol Badguy, as usual.
A brief introduction to Clara Oswald.
Momentary confusion with Alex Drake.
march 8-13

Monty Navarro's Monthly Missive I
Characters traveled (vaguely) Northward, led by their unreliable guides. Ky followed, remaining with the
   group, and quietly digested his new situation with much skepticism.
march 14-21

(NSFW) Waking up next to Sol and ending the time-warped day on a sour note.
Another "morning" with another person. This time, it's a stranger named Takasugi Shinsuke.
Waking up to pleasant memories and Ovelia in his arms.
Ky is prepared to be condemned to Hell by now. An unexpected morning with Aya Brea.
march 22-24

Questioning the Hedonist, Mencius. Joined by Kim Ross and Sanae Hanekoma.
An introduction to the puzzling man named "The Doctor".

april 4-12

Two blonds complaining about the Hedonists. An introduction to Kise Ryouta.
A find-and-rescue gone wrong; Ky meets newcomers Agron and Nasir.
Monty's Monthly Missive II
Ky and Sol discover there are years missing between them, thanks to Monty.
Ky meets Sol in the unwelcoming city laden with traps. He drops a bomb on Sol and mentions his family.
The traps have finally claimed someone, but they're still alive. Ky tries to get information
   from Eudaimonia.
april 15

Ky is toyed with by a fox. Meeting Renart in the fortress.
april 21-30

(NSFW) Ky suffers from vision loss and a lack of propriety. DIO catches him.
(NSFW) Sol's lack of restraint and Ky's lack of propriety result in another encounter.

may 4-12

Over-imaginative Hedonists have granted strange appendages and instincts. Ky's first victim is Sol.
His second victim is Kise, although he somehow ends up saving the boy instead.
Ky goes after bookworms with little success. Hanekoma is there to witness his lame attempts.
Ky takes a break from harassing people (and snakes) to preen. Agron finds Ky and they talk for a bit.
The Lightning King meets the Deceitful Queen. Levana Blackburn introduces herself.
Ky comments on Jack Harkness' offer to the community.
Monty's Monthly Missive III
Attracted to the sound of someone singing, Ky meets Maya Mari.
may 13-24
How to catch a robot — with Ky and Kimiko Ross.
Arthur tries to teach Ky how to use the power of belief.
Monty alerts Ky and others about the Nogitsune.
may 24-31
Stumbling onto Sol's "unreality" bubble, Ky witnesses a scene between Frederick and Aria.
Inside another bubble, Jim Kirk and Ky try to escape.
It's Ky's turn to be traumatized. Sol forces him to snap out of it.
Filled with anger and frustration, Ky fulfills Dio's request.
Levana uses her abilities to soothe Ky's distress.

june 4-12

Ovelia tries to heal Ky's condition, but it isn't effective.
(NFSW) Still infested with budding plant seeds, Ky cannot resist throwing himself at a convenient Clay.
The seeds removed, Ky responds to Jake Muller's arrival.
Trying to get information from Dio to no avail.
Attempting to learn more information about the Nogitsune.
june 13-31

(NSFW-ish) Learning something new with Hanekoma.
Religion, confessions, and advice with Dominique de Luca.
(NSFW) Trapped in the catacombs, Ky makes the conscious decision to help restore Sol's strength.

july 2-16

Receiving a warning from Espio about the affects of Aletheia's altar.
A rope binds Ky and Sol together, and Ky is really fed up with it by now.
Ky tries to teach Monty the art of the blade, but runs into a problem.
july 22-31

Sol loses control of his appearance, and Ky stubbornly supports him despite the danger.
Without his knowing, Ky's influence forces Dio to behave.
Ky's influence strikes again. He has a pleasant meeting with Demyx.
This time, Sol's influence forces Ky to relax. He finally does so in the baths.
Sol's influence continues to effect Ky, who is convinced to power Sol's music player for a while.

august 3-9

Ky apologizes for the music. He receives responses from Johnny Rayflo, Mari, Renart, Zexion, Demyx, and Sol.
He spots a familiar person inside the library. Ky is finally reunited with his beloved Dizzy.
Monty's Monthly Missive IV. Ky receives a caution about the foxes amongst them.
august 10-21

Ky and Sam Grigory enter and search the tunnels.
A short talk about abilities with Josuke Higashikata.
august 22-31

A 'false reality' envelops the settlement, trapping the survivors in a glorified illusion. Ky retains his
   kingly position here, residing in Illyria Castle and too preoccupied with his duties to be seen anywhere.
   Illyria Castle is strangely smashed together with Monty's Castle, though neither neighbors find it strange in
   this altered world.

september 4-12

The 'world' is falling apart, and Ky wants answers. He speaks to someone who seems calm — Cecil Palmer.
Finally out of the collapsing reality, Ky and Mari commiserate.
september 13-16

An opportunity to speak with Aletheia herself.
Dio plants one of his flesh buds into Ky.
Rayflo catches Ky practicing swordplay and requests a spar.
september 17-30

Ky couldn't care less about whatever is happening. Dizzy is gone, he's pissed, and Espio has poor timing.
(NSFW) Ky's recklessness has led to a younger 'double' to take his place. The boy seeks to help Lucina.
(NSFW) The young Ky seeks help for himself, and is swept away by a younger Cecil's passion.
(NSFW) The young Ky finds help from Sam, and has a rare moment to speak with another teenager.


some description of whatever happened goes here, again. wow.


some description of whatever happened goes here, again. wow.


some description of whatever happened goes here, again. wow.
code by jerky
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AGE Around 27 years old
HEIGHT 178 cm (5'10")
WEIGHT 58 kg (128 lbs.) Bullshit.
BIRTHDATE November 20
FAMILY Dizzy (Wife), Sin (Son)
LANGUAGE English, French, Latin
OCCUPATION High King of Illyria
HOBBIES Collecting teacups


A longsword with a fine, delicate blade that is balanced to be wielded with one hand. Ky can channel his lightning magic through the blade to enhance his attacks.

(Carvaka) A device shaped like the magic gylphs used for communication. It is somewhat thick, and the actual 'gylph' looks like it's made from pipe cleaners. As far as Ky can tell, it isn't made from magic at all. No matter how many times he's tried to dispose of it, he always manages to find it again. The device is capable of audio and video.

(Carvaka) His current uniform. His attire consists of: A sleeveless undershirt; a thick, high-collared, sleeveless shirt; a thick, ankle-length, long coat that is slightly singed at the edges; a belt with a large buckle engraved with the word 'HOPE'; slim pants; fingerless gloves; shoes. Belts, belts, and more belts. Belts everywhere. Belts to spare. [ ]

(Carvaka) Strips of cloth in varying lengths; a small, somewhat dull knife (usually wrapped in cloth); a set of dented silverware; a misshapen, rustic, stone dish; a tin cup.

(Carvaka) A number of towels used as cushions to sleep on; a large, wooden box used as a table; and a smaller, wooden box used as a seat.

[ Full Body | Hair Up | Hair Down ]

Determined, stubborn, loyal, and in constant pursuit of justice, Ky is a man who will do whatever it takes to resist evil. A warrior and a child prodigy in the use of magic, Ky is a veteran with using the sword and manipulating lightning for battle. Using his skills, he has fought both monsters and humans in order to bring peace. In his youth, his stubborn determination to fight 'evil' gave him a very rigid point-of-view of the world that caused a lot of conflicts between him and others. This was especially apparent during his encounters with his old rival, Sol Badguy.

Ky gained a new perspective in life after meeting his part-Gear lover and learning of corruption amongst his "lawful" superiors. The events that taught him about the shades of grey in life took away much of his zeal, but it is replaced with patience and understanding instead.

Chivalrous in the traditional sense, he tends to treat women and men differently (although both with some level of courtesy). He's also quite religious, believing in God and having morals in line with his faithful background.
NOTE: His exact religion hasn't been specified, but I very loosely base his practice on Catholicism due to in-game actions and symbolism. (Signing the cross, cathedrals, Virgin Mary mentions, etc.) Emphasis on very loosely, since I'm not sure what's similar to real-life Catholicism and what's different. (Although the canon has a Pope-like figure, she's the head of a different, fictional organization.)
As a fighter, Ky firmly believes that one with great ability should use it for good. Although he prefers working alongside others, he will not hesitate to jump into a fight if the situation calls for it. Never content with his current skill level, he continues to hone and develop techniques for use in battle.

  • LIGHTNING | Ky is incredibly skilled with manipulating lightning magic. Canon has noted lightning is an uncommon attribute and his ability to create projectiles is exceptionally difficult.

    [ English Move List | Japanese Move List ]

  • MAGIC | The world of Guilty Gear relies on magic in place of technology. Ky is familiar with much of the magic in his world, and can also use his skills to analyze and interpret types of magic in order to create protections.

  • HEALING? | Hinted in Xrd -SIGN-, there is a possibility that Ky's left eye contains Gear cells. This apparently prevents him from dying even when shot multiple times. There is little other information about this ability, unfortunately. (Player Note: I'm reluctant to do much with this, since there's not much to go on, but I don't mind playing with it to a limit if anyone has ideas.)
  • ANGER | Despite being tempered by time, experience, and age, Ky is still prone to anger when pushed. It takes a while for him to calm down when he has a bad temper.

  • STRENGTH | Or lack thereof. He is one of the leaner and slimmer men in the cast of Guilty Gear, and his strength doesn't quite match that of stronger characters. It is completely possible for Ky to be overwhelmed when against someone more powerful.

  • STUBBORNNESS | He is hardheaded, no doubt about it. This can get him into trouble with both allies and enemies.

  • FORMALITY | Ky has an inability to 'switch off'. He has a formal way of speaking and behaving that is so ingrained into him that his own son has called him on it. He's trying to fix this, but he needs more time.

  • HUMAN? | Despite the above mentioned healing, he can still be injured and taken down enough to the point of 'dying'.
  • SWORDFIGHTING | Description
  • LEADERSHIP | Description
  • ABILITY | Description
( codes by whambam )

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"This is Ky Kiske."

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